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Megaupload is a web service that can be very useful when it comes to sharing files with other internet users, whoever they may be.

Easy to use, it could be described as a virtual hard disk allowing file management and sharing of files with other users. The options which you can access can be seen at a glance and you don't need advanced computer skills to use it.

Uploading files to Megaupload couldn't be easier; you simply connect to the internet, choose the option 'upload a file' and select the file, thus uploading it. You will see the link that you can subsequently use to download the file in question. If you want to share the file, all you have to do is share the link (e-mail, blog, web...) and all the users who receive the link can download the file.

Additionally, it needs to be pointed out that the limits to your Megaupload service will depend on the level of registration you take up. An unregistered user can gain restricted access to the service (with limited file size, limits imposed on downloads or on waiting time), whereas by registering free you reduce waiting time and will have access to file managers where you can see download data. Lastly, the paid service offers a greater number of statistics and services, with no waiting time at all, nor any limits on uploads and downloads.
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